Please Sign Our Fake Petition To Keep The Up House Multicolored

I don’t have ANY proof of this, but I feel like I’ve been reading about these people with this GD Up house in every article I’ve ever read anywhere for the past one hundred years. I’ll admit that it’s possible that I’ve just read about it once or twice before and that those two times have only FELT like every single time for the past one hundred years, because SHUT UP ABOUT IT WHO CARES, but I’m leaning towards the original thing that I said. GET A REAL HOUSE! Anyway, something’s rotten in the state of Upmark, everybody. Get ready to get PISSED. From The Huffington Post:

Recently bought by a Bay Area couple for $400,000, the house was given a temporary permit to be built and painted. Now that it’s there, it’s bothering some neighbors.

“When we originally bought here, we were told that all the houses had to abide by certain paint colors on the outside,” Josh Bohrn, who lives behind the “Up” house, told the Deseret News. “We expect it to be painted an earth-tone color similar to the other houses in the neighborhood. That’s kind of the way we hope it turns out.”

So basically Josh Bohrn wants to keep colors out of his neighborhood? KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF OUR PIXAR-THEMED HUGE DECISIONS, JOSH BOHRN! As much as the Up house fills me with a misplaced rage that I haven’t fully unpacked yet for myself, the neighborhood forcing the owners of the Up house to repaint it in earth-tones fills me with an EVEN GREATER MISPLACED RAGE!  How dare you!!!!! Some of us prefer happiness and delight in the face of a bunch of EARTH-TONES. So please, if you feel how I feel (confused about everything except for the fact that you are upset) please sign the petition that I’ve drafted and placed after the jump. I’m don’t actually know how petitions work but I think you just have to comment on them and then your vote counts. Vote or die!


Dear Neighborhood/Government/Josh Bohrn,

Please let these people keep their house painted the way they want it to be painted. It’s their house, after all, and why don’t you just shut up about it? I understand that buying a house — the biggest thing that you will ever buy in your life, probably — that is little more than a prop from an animated movie is weird and misguided and creepy, but what’s it to you? Would you really rather look at earth-tones? Earth-tones are gross. You need to relax about them. Do you think that people will come to your neighborhood just to take pictures of the stupid Up house? If so, that’s a valid concern and I hadn’t thought about it until now. Maybe you have a point about that. If that is your argument, you should make it and then rest your case. If it is not, and you’ve already rested your case and settled on the earth-tones argument, then give me a break.



Ok, that should do it! So again, please sign and then I’ll send this off to Mr. Pixar and we can all move on with our lives. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!