It Is Almost Crazy How Much Rick Perry Knows What He’s Talking About

What a hero! The courage it takes in this day and age to admit that you are a Christian? Few of us can even imagine such fortitude. As you probably know, Christians these days are just super scared of admitting that they are Christian and that’s why you know who all the Jews and Muslims are, because of racism the American Defeatist, Barack “Hussein” “War on Christmas” Obama (who is also the mastermind behind the separation of Church and State) but have you ever met a Christian in real life? Probably not. I read all about it in The Newspaper. It is particularly impressive of Rick Perry to start off with how he is a Christian and then IMMEDIATELY spout off some of the most hateful bigotry ever seen in a political campaign ad. BOOM! CLASSIC! GOD IS SMILING DOWN UPON THIS WONDERFUL MAN! He’s definitely got my vote. When God closes a Herman Cain, he opens a Rick Perry. (Thanks for the tip, Gideon.)