¡Rob! Looks Muy Gooooooooooood Just Kidding!

A few months ago (I’m assuming), we all heard about the new Rob Schneider sitcom coming to CBS in January of 2012 called ¡Rob! about (I’m assuming) a white person who marries a loco Latina. (They might not actually be married? It’s hard to say. He might be a long-lost brother, I don’t know, IT DOESN’T MATTER.) It looks like a sitcom about the Sofia Vergara plot line of Modern Family. Anyway, I don’t actually remember hearing about this show, but I HIGHLY doubt that it was off of our radar completely. There’s just no way! ROB SCHNEIDER? Spanish stereotypes? CBS?!?! The ABCs of entertainment, basically. One thing I do remember about this sitcom, though, is that a few days ago they announced they’d be changing the name from ¡Rob! to just Rob. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Boooo boooo boooo booooooooooo!! A terrible decision. How will we know about the Spanish part of the thing?! Why not, at the very least, El Rob? BAD JOB! You did a bad job, CBS, go take a time out. While CBS is on a time out, we can FINALLY watch a promo for ¡Rob!, I refuse to acknowledge the name change. And you know what, guys? It doesn’t look too bad!

Hahahahahahah. Just kidding! It looks like garbage! AREN’T SPANISH PEOPLE WEIRD? Isn’t Rob Schneider normal? Isn’t CBS our favorite primetime TV channel and don’t we wish we could rig our TVs to ONLY get CBS and we don’t know why the cable company refuses to help us with it? Can’t they at least help us sew the TV right into our brains? I NEED THIS SO MUCH CLOSER! (Via Splitsider.)