A Hanukkah Holiday BLOOPER Video!

We’ve seen a few holiday-themed videos this holiday season, but so far every single one of them has been Christmas related. Uhhhh, WHAT GIVES? We all say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” FOR A VERY GOOD REASON! And a large percentage of that very good reason is Hanukkah. Not Jewish myself, I have never been a part of a Hanukkah celebration. I’ve never been invited to a Hanukkah party and I only ever went to Catholic (basically) (let’s not get into it) schools my whole life, so if I hadn’t seen the “Macababies” episode of Rugrats I think I’d barely even know what the candelabra meant. Luckily, though, I DID see that episode of Rugrats, which no one should take as an insult, it was a very informative episode, and am therefor fully capable of introducing this video of a rabbi lighting the first light of Hanukkah and trying to say a lot of serious things about religious freedom and Iran on a local newscast, while his son has trouble containing how really great and perfect he is in the background. Oh my goodness.

I. Cannot. Believe. How funny it is. When he slowly pulls the yarmulke down over his brother’s face!!! All while I was writing the introduction to this post I was laughing to myself at how funny that was AND NOW FINALLY WE GET TO LAUGH ABOUT IT TOGETHER!!!!! Ahahahaha. Very, very good. Very cute mom laughing. Very funny how they try to cut him out of the shot but they cannot do it because he is too perfect. If anything deserves to be a very popular holiday GIF, that image deserves to be a very popular holiday GIF. HAPPY HANUKKAH! HAPPY PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE THAT A GIF! (Via BuzzFeed.)