Saturday Night Live: Steve Buscemi And The Black Keys

Poor Steve Buscemi. An entire opening monologued based on a joke about how he almost never gets to play a lead, itself taken over by the SNL cast, preceding an episode during which he never got to play a lead. Daaaaang. At least when he plays a small character in movies, as was pointed out in the monologue, it’s often a memorably creepy gross character. For the majority of this week’s episode of SNL he was relegated only to “normal guy who gets referred to by cast members sometimes.” A very boring role. But, oh well. I like Steve Buscemi a lot, but their disuse of him isn’t something that, by itself, would’ve ruined the episode. What, by itself, ruined the episode was how not good all of the sketches were!! A thing I really do not like doing is dismissing Saturday Night Live episodes as “bad,” because that is whiny and boring to read and generally incorrect, but holy moly! This was a bad episode! There really wasn’t a single sketch that I saw and wanted to highlight specifically (except for the “Drunk Uncle” bit during Weekend Update, but I’ll get to that shortly), and my favorite moment was Maya Rudolph’s “Whitney” cameo, which kind of feels like cheating. It was certainly (to me) a miss in what has been an otherwise solid season. Let’s not dwell on the specific misses for too long, but the cold open and the Dateline sketch both seemed like they were trying VERY hard to alienate large (young?) percentages of the SNL audience. And I love Kristen Wiig, but how many times am I supposed to watch her playing the surprised lady and pretend like I think it’s a different thing? Anyway, LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR THIS, let’s talk about what we got some enjoyment out of!

One thing I like about the “Miley Cyrus Show” sketch is that I sing the theme song almost any time I say the phrase “pretty cool” in conversation, so when it makes an appearance on the show it helps me feel like when I’m doing is still relevant. Other than that, MAYA RUDOLF! Before she came out I hoped they were going to introduce a Courtney Love character because of this, so when they introduced Whitney Houston I was like, “awwwww” (disappointed). But then when I saw it was Maya Rudolph I was like, “AHHH!!!” (excited.) She was great.

The Batman digital short was all right. Apart from the “Interview With Drake” digital short back in October, the digital shorts this season have all seemed oddly tame to me. They’re supposed to be the best and edgiest part of the episode, I thought! But this one wasn’t. This best part of this episode was “drunk uncle” but I’ll still get to that in a second, hold on.

I am a fan of the “Sex Ed” commercials. I think they’re easily funny and I really like Paul Brittain in mostly any character he has. BUT, this one fell flat. I know we’re only trying to talk about the good things (though failing) so I will say that I still found the “Sex Ed” character amusing in this one, but I was really trying to find something specific to say I liked about it and I couldn’t. Soooooooo.

Coach Bert! I really liked the idea for this sketch. This was my favorite sketch. Steve Buscemi was again just a character who was referred to by cast members, but at least the reason for why he was being referred to was VERY good.

DRUNK UNCLE!!!!!!!! I’m not saying that “Drunk Uncle” itself wasn’t without its flaws, and I hope I haven’t built it up too much, but, let’s all relax for a minute and just enjoy it. It’s the HOLIDAYS, after all.

Yay, drunk uncle! Also, The Black Keys performed. They’re not my thing but I hope that you enjoyed them if they are your thing. NEXT WEEK: Host Katy Perry will by joined by musical guest Robyn. CALL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS!