This Is Your Music Video: Alternate Reality’s “The King That Never Was”

As someone who used to love music videos as a teenager (or as they were called in my time, “music penny arcades”) and was sad to watch them become 15-second cannon fodder for Carson Daly’s War Machine in the 1990s, and then be basically eliminated completely from the world for a decade or so, it’s been really nice to watch the Internet become a place where music videos could be distributed and even flourish again. Not only can we enjoy them, but we can enjoy whichever ones we want whenever we want to, which is a huge improvement over programming a VCR (LOL, DU U REMEMBER?!) to record 120 Minutes at 3AM each week and fast forwarding through the Meat Puppets to get to the “Cut Your Hair” video, or whatever. It just goes to show that nothing really dies, and water always finds its level, and something something art. Then again, sometimes, you know, the opposite of everything I just said. (Via TheAwl.)