Watch Bobby McFerrin Demonstrate Our Musical Genius

Hey, so I have a quick question — did you know that you’re a genius? The answers there may be varied, maybe some of you are geniuses for real and you know it and love to brag about it, so to be more specific, did you know you were a MUSICAL genius? That just from listening to music, you’ve developed musical instincts that you’re probably not even cognizant of and that the sum of all of those acquired musical instincts makes you a REAL GENIUS?! ACCORDING TO ME?! It’s true! In the (great) video that follows the jump, Bobby McFerrin demonstrates, at the 2009 World Science Festival, how ingrained the pentatonic scale is in everyone’s mind by jumping around and having the audience sing notes. To be fair, I’m not an explanation genius. But you’ll see. The pentatonic scale is a 5-note scale, usually composed of the root, second, third, fifth, and sixth notes of a diatonic scale, and it’s used in basically every popular song there is. That sentence is the result of three years of doing VERY poorly in Music Theory classes in college, so you’re welcome, and there’s a chance it’s 100% wrong. (It’s not though.) (I don’t think.) (MR. ABRUZZO?) (That was my teacher’s name.)

Ahhh! Wasn’t that great? The first time everybody got it? That was so great! DID YOU GET IT? I’m sure you did. If I can be candid for a moment (just this ONE moment), I’ve never hated any class more than I hated my Music Theory classes. It was like they turned the thing I liked into math and then told it to me in a different language while I was asleep. But I bet if Bobby McFerrin were the one to introduce me to Music Theory it would’ve been an enlightening ride full of joyful demonstrations that taught me that I already had the building blocks necessary for comprehension, and all I had to do was think of the theory in realistic terms to succeed. OR it would still have been too hard and the worst. WHO KNOWS? (Via ViralViral.)