This Week In GIFs

My god, remember the Virgin Diaries kiss from a few days ago? That was just the best. I still don’t fully believe it, to be honest — how COULD I? — but I want to believe it. And I do love it. So basically that kiss from the commercial for the TLC Virgin Diaries special is kind of like my religion. And right now I’m going through kind of a tough period with it but I’ll come out with a stronger faith because of it, and the ability to kiss THE BEST as a bonus. Yes, all of that sounds correct. So let’s relive that kiss with a few GIFs, and take a look back at the many other shining moments from the past week (pizza, ouija boards). It’s FRIDAY! It’s GIFTIME! Turn that frown upside down and let’s MAKE OUT LIKE GEESE GET FORCE-FED!

We found out that Dunder Mifflin brand paper is a thing that we can really buy, FINALLY!


The dominos pizza apt sparked a few conflicting feelings!

Stanley from The Office made a VERY WEIRD music video!

We got a sneak peek of the Ouija Board: The Movie screenplay!

Daniel Craig said what everyone was thinking about the Kardashians!

Courtney Love said she was Lindsay Lohan’s sobriety coach but BREAKING NEWS she isn’t!

We talked about what other crazy things could’ve come out of the ark at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark!

And finally, Thursday night TV happened!