Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Well, that was a generally delightful night of television! Nick Kroll was on Community! I told a friend yesterday that I was excited that Nick Kroll would be on Community and they said, “THE CAVEMAN?” Hahahah. I genuinely hope for Nick Kroll’s sake that that is how EVERYONE remembers him. The Caveman. Anyway, he was on Community! But his role — the German foosball player — was kind of negligible, I thought. Not bad, but it just didn’t really add anything to the episode. Oh well. Next time, Caveman! The rest of the episode was pretty solid, though. I wasn’t super crazy about the Jeff and Shirley backstory and enjoyed the Abed as Batman plot line a bit more, but they were both delightful enough to make for a good but not great episode. I like Annie’s Batman voice. (I did not like the anime sequences particularly, even though I’ve chosen one above for the image.) Parks and Recreation was also good but not great! I LOVED when Leslie said “gramps” instead of “grants.” That was my #1 favorite moment of the night. I’m also happy that she and Ben can finally love each other for real, but will they get boring like Jim and Pam now?! That is my fear. I don’t suspect that they will (because each of them is more entertaining to watch than Jim and Pam), but it is a fear that I have. I have a lot of them! What I didn’t like about the episode was that the trial seemed to drag and I feel like we all knew what the ending would be anyway so it was just like GET ON WITH IT! But then again I guess it was an important moment in the series so maybe they were right to take their time. Whatever, MORE ANDY! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was my favorite of the night. All the separate leaving-behinds were great. All of them getting to the theater was great. Frank’s boat tour was the best. And, even though there have been a million seasons of the show and it has Philadelphia in the title, whenever there are shots of actual Philadelphia I can’t help but say “Ah! Philadelphia!” at my TV, because I MISS IT. You guys feel that way too, right? You miss Philadelphia? What did you think of the shows? Was The League good? Was The Office good? How was Robert California’s wife? When you think of Nick Kroll is the first thing that pops into your minds “the caveman”?