Herman Cain 2012, And Then Also Forever

Love this guy! So glad that he reassessed his campaign and determined that it was perfect. And very excited about all the pizza jobs he is going to pizza create with his pizza experience pizza creating pizza jobs. It’s time to put America back to pizza. Most importantly, though, and I’m speaking to all the independents out there who are still on the fence (GET OFF THAT FENCE, GUYS!), it’s nice to see Herman Cain do my favorite thing that politicians do, which is promote themselves as the opposite of something that doesn’t exist in the first place. Ugh, don’t you hate all those other so-called “presidents” who are always apologizing for how great America is? Let’s get Barack “I’m Sorry America Is So Great” Obama out of the White House so he can’t say that thing that he is definitely always saying anymore. Stop, dude! Herman Cain, man!