A Pretty Good Prank, You Have To Admit

In a world full to the brim with professional prankers, it’s hard not to look at an amateur with a bit of skepticism. Sure she can “pull a prank,” but will it be memorable? Will it really get somebody, right when they thought they could just relax? And will it teach them that, in this world, you always have to keep your guard up and your shoulders stiff with anxiety because you never know when someone is just going to put bugs in your sandwich while you’re in the restaurant bathroom or something along those lines? Will it even have ANYTHING to do with golf carts? All fair questions. But I do advise you, in this case of this young up-and-comer, to open your prank hearts and minds as far as they can be opened because this is a case of someone who just HAS IT. That special something that allows you to set up a hidden camera by yourself and the tender age of adorably young, and just prank your dumb old dad soooooo good.

I hope you’re taking noes, Chloe Moretz! That is how it’s DONE! (Via BlameItOn.)