How To Have A Good Party: Party Tricks + Extra Party Tricks

Good parties are notoriously hard to pull off. What channel do you put on? How many pizzas do you buy? One? There are probably twelve people coming, do you think they’re all going to want their own slice? Will they chip in for the pizza or should you count that as a sunk cost and just move on with your life? Should you put up a sign about people taking off their shoes and being respectful of your belongings? Will they all know to leave by 11? SO MANY QUESTIONS! But one thing that we all know for sure about a good party is that it must include 20 to 30 well-timed party tricks. We all know the classics like “removing a broken lightbulb with a potato” and this finger trick, but that can only hold your guests’ attention for so long. That is why I’d like to share with you this video of MANY simple science party tricks to shock and entertain your guests. Just in time for the holidays! So please enjoy and take notes, and I’ve included a few party tricks at the end that the video, although quite thorough, mistakenly left out. Party on, Garths and Waynes!

  • The Disappearing Object: Take something of someone’s, throw it up in the air, and then when the person is blinking you grab it out of the air and hide it behind your back. Where did it go?! They’ll be confused for a moment and maybe even angry that you’ve taken their object, but that’s when you reveal that it’s been behind your back all along. Hahahahahaha.
  • Chair Trick: Blindfold someone and place them in a chair. Hook the chair onto a hook that is in the ceiling, then take the blindfold off of the person. Then take a saw and saw off the legs of the chair. “How is the chair floating,” they’ll wonder. It’s because of the hook! It’s hooked into the ceiling somehow.
  • Dog Trick: If you have a dog that knows many tricks, tell your guests that your dumb old dog doesn’t know ANY tricks. Say, “C’mon, try it out if you don’t believe me.” Then the dog will do whatever trick they try to get it to do. “OH MY GOD HE’S NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE,” you say. Your guests will be excited. Then you say, “Just kidding! He knows all the normal tricks.”
  • Wine Trick: Get a bunch of the same bottle of wine for a wine tasting event. Put all of the wine in different decanters and put different wine labels in front of all of the decanters. See if any of your guests figure out that they are all the same bottle of wine.
  • Yo-Yo: Give your guest a yo-yo and teach them how to do “cats cradle.” That’s cool! Then they’ll get to leave the party having acquired a new skill, rather than leaving the party with a little bit of shame and illness. Great job, host!
  • Mustache TV: Put a mustache on your TV so it looks like all the people on TV have a mustache.
  • The “Umbrella” Game: I kind of forget how this game works, but it’s something like you say “Ummm…CATS are under the umbrella.” And you get people to guess other things that are under the umbrella. And if they happen to say “ummmm” first, you tell them that thing is under the umbrella. If they don’t, you tell them that it is not. And they have to figure out what is the qualifier for things being under the umbrella. It is the most infuriating game of all time and a GREAT trick!

That should keep you busy for a while! Remember, safety is the most important thing to remember with ALL of these tricks, and fun is the second most important thing to remember. If you just remember those two things, your party should be one for the books. So don’t have a cow, dudes, just have a party! GOODNIGHT! (Via Neatorama.)