The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Bill Murray And The Obamas At A College Basketball Game

Over the weekend, Bill Murray ran into Barack and Michelle Obama at a Tigers-Beavers game at Towson University. You know how it is. Pretty typical Bill Murray/President of the United States stuff. Can’t throw a rock in that arena without hitting one or the other, and then you’re pinned to the ground by the secret service because you can’t just throw rocks in there, the President is in there! What were you thinking? The obvious thing to caption in this photo would obviously be Bill Murray, as he is the one who’s face we see, and whatever he would say would probably be funnier than whatever Michelle Obama would say, no offense, Michelle Obama, your ladyship. Then again, you could caption the President and feel like a real Hot Shot. But the thing that I’m most curious about is WHAT WERE THE BASKETBALL PLAYERS SAYING when they realized BILL MURRAY AND ALSO BARACK OBAMA AND ALSO MICHELLE OBAMA were at their game?! Probably just “whoa.” That’s probably it. Unless you can do better.

The winning caption will receive the Presidential Special Mention in this week’s Congressional Monsters’ Ball. (Image via TheDailyWhat.)