Domino’s Pizza iPad App Looks Fun, Delicious, And Insulting

On the one hand, this game looks great. It’s got everything. Pizza. Puzzles. Bonus points. Manager reviews? And it’s not without precedent. I remember quite clearly that when I was a child in the late 1930s, Toys R Us sold a rubber disk that was supposed to be a make believe pizza dough that you could toss up into the air just like a real Papa John. So, this is basically just human nature, these pizza games. But also there IS something weird about a game that simulates a grueling, dehumanizing, Henry Ford-influenced assembly line minimum wage job. Right? That’s weird? We can all agree that it’s weird to try and beat the clock on the iPad while simultaneously watching the clock for your actual pizza to be made and getting so mad that it isn’t made already. And, like, how many hours would you have to work at a Domino’s making pizzas to earn enough money to buy an iPad? A million? A million hours before taxes? It’s literally one well known company logo away from an iPad app called Migrant Farmworker where you have to pick all the apples from the tree before INS comes over and asks to see your residency papers. I’m pretty sure this iPad app was the focus of the entire second volume of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital. “The worker is alienated from the product of his labor when it is turned into an iPad app for the exploiting class.” DOWNLOAD IT FROM ITUNES. (Via LaughingSquid.)