A Trash Can Gets A Man To Propose To A Woman

Basically just the title of the post. Do you need me to say anything else? What? DON’T YOU GET IT? Ok, well, there are these trash cans at Disney World that are remote-controlled and one of them got a man to propose to a woman. Is that enough info for you, Mr. Info Hound or Ms. Info Hound? It’s not? You still need a lot more information because apparently you woke up with a broken brain this morning and now it’s ALL OF OUR problem? Uggghhhh. Ok so, at Disney World there are trash cans. ARE YOU WITH ME? There are trash cans, and they are remote-controlled by someone and they move around and the person who is controlling them also talks to people through the trash can with a funny voice. So it’s like a little trash can that’s alive and it’s very charming/incredibly annoying and invasive. Get it? DISNEY WORLD, ever heard of it? So a trash can was talking to this couple and got a man to propose to his girlfriend for real! I can tell you’re still having some trouble so let’s just watch the video, I’m not sure why we didn’t just do this from the beginning.

Awwwwwww jeeeeeeeeezzzeeeeeeeeee. I wonder when he would’ve proposed to her otherwise. HE HAD A RING! What if it fell out of his pocket!? I was a little worried about how they’ll have to keep telling this (apparently INCREDIBLY hard to understand) trash can story, but it is probably better than other scenarios that maybe he was planning. Since he had the ring on him. Like, “Oh, it was so romantic, we were on a ride at Disney World and he proposed right before the ride started.” “Oh, it was so romantic, there was a parade going on and a bunch of kids were running around screaming and they were all dripping with ice cream and then he proposed.” “Oh, it was so romantic, we were in line.” This story is better than those stories. “A trash can forced me to do it earlier than I would’ve liked.” Congratulations! “This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” – Trash Can. (Via Buzzfeed.)