Yogurt Baby Needs More Yogurt

I’m not trying to get serious and weird or anything, but the scary yogurt baby in your stroller? He needs more yogurt. I know you’re probably thinking, “Hey, we’ve already given him A LOT of yogurt,” but as you can tell if you just take a quick look down at him, all of the yogurt you’ve fed to him previously has done nothing to extinguish his desire. His brown eyes are still bulging out of his face, his mouth is agape, and his hands are grabbing wildly for the tub of yogurt that you keep taking away. Maybe you can consider giving him the tub of yogurt to keep? It doesn’t seem to me — admittedly, an outsider — that there in any end in sight here. He is a scary yogurt baby, soooo I don’t think he’s going to change? It’s his nature. Listen, this is none of my business, but if you’re going to take your scary yogurt baby out in public I’m just saying that maybe you can be a little more generous with your distribution of yogurt. This is not the time to try and teach anybody any lessons.

Aww, it’s ok, baby. You’re safe now, as are all of the yogurt-powered cute demons inside of your scary brain. (Thanks for the tip, Amy!)