UNDENIABLE Evidence: Aliens Exist And Fly Just Below Your Airplane

Grab your tinfoil hats! Grab a few plastic bags full of snacks and a sealed bottle of water! Grab your European plug adaptors! Grab the free sample versions of makeup you like so you can fix yourself up later if you need to and you can’t get to your makeup bag! Grab all the thumb drives you can find even if you think they might be the broken ones! Grab all of your TechDecks and any stickers that came with them! Put it all in the tiny suitcase that you bought specifically so you wouldn’t have to check it when you got to the airport, but then once you get on the plane find out that you need to check it anyway because all of the overhead room is already taken somehow and GTFOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a new bit of video information to add to our overflowing virtual filing cabinet of true facts that the government is BLATANTLY IGNORING about the alien invasion currently in progress. This time the video comes from a flight travelling from the UK to Corfu. The video shows aliens flying just beneath the airplane, maybe in a ship, or maybe they’re just SHAPED like ships that are shaped like dots? We don’t know for sure because NO ONE will investigate. From The Huffington Post:

Not the most obvious proof of alien life forms, some viewers mocked the barely visible flecks flying through the air, suggesting the blips are merely ice, or birds. One person even called it Unidentified Flying Bull-sh*t.

UNIDENTIFIED FLYING BULL-SH*T?! Excuuuuuuse me. We’ll see how witty you think you are when home is being invaded by TELEPATHIC GREYS. Judge for yourselves:

I’VE NEVER BEEN MORE CONVINCED! It’s not every day you see ALIEN DOTS flying through the air. Earth needs to be evacuated immediately, and we obviously can’t fly planes to the moon like we planned before because the aliens have already surrounded all of our planes, so we have to move on to PLAN B! Going to bed and locking our doors and trying to take a nap! THEY CAN’T GET US IN OUR DREAMS! Goodnight, Earth. My love for you is strong but not unconditional. See you in hell/heaven.