Woman Terrified Of Cats Is Ridiculous, Hilarious

Between the clip posted after the jump of a woman crying because of kittens and this clip in which a big old bruiser actually falls to his knees in terror of puppies, the Animal Planet show My Extreme Animal Phobia is quickly becoming The Best Show. I’m sure the episode in which an old woman has a heart attack and dies live on the air because she doesn’t like ferrets is kind of boring and also who likes ferrets? But watching grown adults reduced to tears by ADORABLE THINGS is the funniest. The therapist says that Sandra’s fear of cats might look funny, but that it’s very real for her, which is a good point, Sandra’s fear of cats DOES look funny! Enough with this molly-coddling though for real. TIME TO GROW UP, EVERYBODY. Put on a clean pair of big boy pants and don’t shit them this time. We live in a genuinely terrifying world, there is no time to be crying over cute kittens. Don’t you know there is a war on?! If you really can’t get over your fear of sweet-faced, lovable kit cats, then here is what you do: shut up and don’t go on TV about it. You’re embarrassing yourself! I love it, but you’re embarrassing yourself and you’re also embarrassing your sister who has just about had enough.

Sandra’s sister is the best. “Fucking come the fuck on, Sandra.” Seriously, Sandra. Listen to your sister. “Meow! Meow, Sandra!” Hahahhaha. That was your sister impersonating a cat! STOP CRYING, IT WAS JUST A JOKE! I love when the therapist says that she won’t let anything hurt her. Because I imagine all of the cats suddenly getting out of their glass enclosures and attacking her, and the therapist giving her life to save Sandra from the murderous throng of adorkable kittens. SANDRA, RUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN! Just kidding, you don’t have to run, they are just cats, good grief. SANDRA, GROW UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP! (Via BuzzFeed.)