Best New Party Game 60: Thanksgiving Movies!

We haven’t had a BNPG in awhile because it has been autumn, and autumn is a time for reflection and death. We all died. And also the harvest. And coats. Sweaters. The point is, it’s fine, but now it is time to party again. This weekend kicks off the holiday season! YOU LOVE THE HOLIDAY SEASON! Who doesn’t?! Jerks. I met someone the other day who said they hated the holidays and I said I hated them. The holidays are great! So nice and delicious and happy. And it’s incredible that we have never played Thanksgiving Movies before, but we’re about to play it now. It’s a true Thanksgiving Miracle! So:

  • I Yams Legend
  • The Skeleton Turkey
  • Cranburied
  • The Pillowgrims Book
  • Pumpkin Up The Volume
  • The Right Stuffing

I want this game to GET IN MAH BELLY. Hahahah. This year I am grateful for JOKES!