Please Leave Your Pro Mirror, Mirror Comments In The Comments

Oh man, remember the Mirror Mirror trailer that came out last week that was the worst trailer you had ever seen until you saw that Kellan Lutz lacrosse trailer yesterday? Well, apparently someone has been leaving fake “enthusiastic” comments about the trailer all across the Internet, but everyone knows they’re fake because it’s absolutely impossible for even one single person, even someone who comments on blogs, to be excited about that movie. From Deadline:

We know Hollywood studios fake film reviews and movie ads. Now a sharp-eyed blog recently noticed some “strangely optimistic comments” from the same IP address within a 2-hour span after posting Relativity’s Mirror Mirror trailer. Turns out found the exact same comments placed on many other blogs that posted the Mirror Mirror trailer. “The big question is who’s behind this ‘astroturfing’? Is it someone in Julia Robert’s camp? Tarsem Singh’s, Armie Hammer’s or Lily Collins’ people? Has Relativity Media hired some grey area marketing agency? Or is it simply a devoted fan?” the website asked. Oh puh-leeze: studios regularly hire trolls to post comments on the Internet.

Wait, is that true? Do studios regularly hire trolls to post comments on the Internet? How do you get that job? Hahaha not for me! No way. But, just, like, how do you get that job? For someone else? Who is definitely not me? Because I totally don’t want to get paid to just leave comments on the Internet about Mr. Blindsides, or whatever. Ew. What? Yuck. But how? Anyway, this is a fun game. Let’s leave our own pro-Mirror Mirror comments on the Internet, but more specifically, on this Internet. First, let’s rewatch the trailer:

Oh boy. OH BOY! Great movie. Very excited about this movie. I’ll go first.