Is FOX News Worse Than No News At All?

If there is one thing that the news loves to talk about it is the news. We get it, news, you’re in charge of the news, and you love your job. (I’ve said this before and I will say it again: while I genuinely don’t want any journalists to ever be kidnapped or go missing, it’s also problematic that while people get kidnapped and go missing all the time it is mostly the ones who are journalists who get the front page news stories. See also: white people.) Today is no different. There is a new poll about the news that is in the news that suggests that watching FOX News is worse than watching no news at all. Hahha. Sounds about right. From EW:

For the poll, residents of New Jersey were asked where they find information on current events and were then quizzed on ripped-from-the-headlines topics like the recent uprisings in Syria and Egypt. NPR listeners scored the highest while Fox News viewers scored the lowest. “The results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all,” said professor Dan Cassino.

Yikes. I mean, actually, for real, YIKES. I know there are a few people who read this website whose political leanings are probably more conservative than mine, and I suspect they might take issue with this (and also let’s be realistic, I am simply block quoting a synopsis written by an Entertainment Weekly blogger of a poll that may in and of itself be total bunk, so, you know, take it with a block of salt) but also those people I would like to think are actually the kind of intelligent and engaged thinkers who recognize that regardless of where you are on the spectrum, FOX NEWS STINKS SO BAD. Right? Guys? Christians? They stink, guys. Fuck ‘em!