Divas On Divas

There is an idea that exists, not just in entertainment news media but in the entire world, that when two women are both successful for the same kind of thing, those two women are bitchy rivals who hate each other. I’m sure you’re very well aware of this idea. (Luckily Gabe is not a woman or I’m sure there would be LOTS of behind-the-scenes rivalry rumors on every blog and in every newspaper about how she is bitter that she has to share the stage with an up-and-comer, with headlines like “SHOCKING: Gabey Doesn’t Even Read Kelly’s Posts!”) (Gabey is the female version of Gabe.) For example, yesterday I was watching this video interview with Amy Poehler from 2009 that I accidentally clicked on — not that it’s really any of your business — and it begins with about five minutes of the interviewer, Tom O’Neil, talking about how Amy Poehler must be so mad at Tina Fey for, like, winning awards? And not giving her awards to Amy Poehler? Basically just trying to get Amy Poehler to say something negative about Tina Fey’s success, while Amy Poehler politely tells him that what he is saying is sexist nonsense based on nothing, and that Tina Fey is her friend, and please be quiet. Which is nearly the only good way to handle incredibly sexist nonsense rivalry questions. But sometimes, like you will see for ten minutes in the following video, celebrity women will play into these nonsense rivalries in a way that is so frustrating and defeating and terrible and I hate it so much. But also I like to watch it as entertainment when it’s in the form of a supercut? I AM A WOMAN AND I HAVE COMPLICATED EMOTIONS, ROLE THE VIDEO.

Ugh, ladies. There isn’t a limited amount of songs that people can sing and fans that they can have and money they can make! You can all sing, have, and make all of it! And you do! Even though you all happen to be women! PLEASE STOP PRETEND FIGHTING! YOU’RE ALREADY FAMOUS! (Via Funtastik/FourFour.)

PS: I used to read your blog posts when I was a child and NOW I HATE YOU, GABEY!