The 2011 Gummy Awards

Hey! Hey! You guys! Hey! It’s time for the 100th Annual Gummy Awards in which we team up with our Stereogum boys and celebrate the very best of the year in music, movies, TV, and viral videos. Fun! These are the REAL Peoples’ Choice Awards. I mean, you know, after the ACTUAL Peoples’ Choice Awards, which are a thing, and they probably own the rights to it, and I was just kidding don’t sue me Academy of People’s Choices and Sciences! What a year it has been, though, right? So many memories. None of them come to mind immediately, but, you know, if you think about it, we saw…a lot. And some of the stuff we saw…was better…than some of the other stuff…I think. And this is your chance to prove it! So, in order to participate–and please participate, that is kind of our whole thing around here, right?–all you have to do is click through to the Official 2011 Gummy Awards page and cast your votes for all of your favorite things. One lucky winner will be selected at random to win the 50 Best Albums of the Year (as determined by the Gummy Awards voters) and a $100 gift certificate to AMC movie theaters. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Those are good prizes. Seriously. You don’t think they’re good? Get out of here. Who invited this guy? Get this guy out of here. Now that he’s gone, I will repeat, THOSE ARE GOOD PRIZES! And they could be yours if you vote now. Deadline for voting is 12/6 at 12PM EST.

Good luck! This guy knows.