You Definitely Picked The Correct Superhero Group For Your Son’s Birthday Party

I can imagine that having children is a stressful thing to deal with. Sticky barf machines that you love and have to keep alive until they reach an age when they can theoretically keep themselves alive, and then you have to worry about their ability to do that forever until you die yourself? And that’s when you can finally get some peace of mind? When you’re dead? Yeah, NO THANKS. But it seems to me that the second most stressful thing, after having to make sure they haven’t died, would be wondering whether or not you are making the right decisions about what you expose them to and when. Like, should they watch The Simpsons? But what about BART?! Should you let them play videogames? But what about THE CONTENT?! And if you don’t let them watch The Simpsons and play videogames, is that the only thing they’re ever going to want to do and then you’ve ruined them even more than if you had just let them do what they wanted to in the first place? Lots of questions and seemingly no obviously correct answers. I get that. But I just want you to know that you’ve definitely picked the correct costumed superhero group for your son’s birthday party. I’m sure you had to sort through many costumed superhero group promo videos, featuring LOTS of different kinds of dancing, before you made this decision. Rest assured, though, that the decision you made was completely reasonable. And the song that they’re dancing to? Please. Just a children’s classic. Definitely not something that sounds like a booming, scary nightmare to me, an adult.

Or maybe they’re just young family members who were nice enough to volunteer to dress up in superhero costumes for the kid’s birthday party, but now you’re going to have to sit them down and tell them how appropriate of a job they did with their dancing. EITHER WAY! Either way there is nothing wrong with anything here or how weird it is because of their costumes, or the song choice. Can we turn the song up a little louder, though? And make it more rumbly? (To be honest, though, when the little kid does the same dance as the superhero — that is VERY cute.) (Via BlameItOn.)