Chloe Moretz Is A Prankosaurus In Training

Obviously, you don’t become a notorious on-set prank legend overnight. Most of your well-known movie-star prankiacs are middle aged men who’ve been famous for decades (George “The Prank Hound” Clooney, Brad “Prankosaurus Rex” Pitt, Tom Pranks). It’s taken them years, and dozens of great pranks to build their reputations. Unfortunately, all of these Prank Legends are going to die someday, and then who will be left to pull hilarious pranks on their co-stars during the lunch break on the set of Ocean’s 100? This could be a real nightmare! That’s why we’re going to need a whole new generation of prankophiles. Luckily, the young Chloe Moretz has already started working on her prank chops. From

Chloe Mortez, 14, Tricked Martin Scorsese Into Thinking She’s British

The 14-year-old was handpicked by Martin Scorsese to appear in Hugo after she played an innocent prank on him during her audition.

“It was hilarious. I was speaking in a British accent all the way through the audition,” she tells New York Magazine’s Vulture. “He was like, ‘Wait! You’re American? No way, kid — the whole time I thought you were a Brit.’ I was like, ‘Thank you, Marty.

That SOUNDS hilarious. Good use of the word “hilarious,” Chloe Moretz. And GREAT prank! Such a good prank. Quote of the day: “I WAS LIKE, THANK YOU, MARTY.” I can’t wait to watch her develop and grow as a prankonaut, exploring the far reaches of the pranksmos. The children really are our future, at least as far as movie stars playing pranks on each other behind the scenes of movies is concerned.