Saturday Night Live: Jason Segel And Florence And The Machine

Well, that was unfortunate! Although this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live did have its moments (Andre the Giant, specifically), the episode almost entirely comprised very long one-joke sketches that never seemed like they would end, and maybe they never even did end and we’re all still watching them right now and will be forever until we die. This is extra sad because Jason Segel was the host, and he is the best! I’m not sure if you share this experience, but it almost always seems like whenever I’m looking forward to a particular SNL host — Paul Rudd being a topical example of this — the episode always falls flat in a way that seems even worse than when it falls flat with a host I don’t care about. Not even because I was expecting it to be better, just because it actually IS worse than normal. Why does that happen? GUYS? We’re all praying for everyone who experiences this disappointment, I’m sure. I did think Jason Segel was very funny in whatever (usually small) role he was given in each of his sketches, but it’s hard for one man, under the weight of so many muppets, to save a sinking ship full of Vogelchecks. (And the RETIREMENT PARTY sketch?! I’m not even sure what the joke was supposed to be! That Kristen Wiig yells a lot? That a guy is drunk? Holy moly. I’d like to RETIRE from watching that sketch, right? SNL should hire me to write the jokes.) But, like I said, there were some good moments!

UGH, piano singing in the monologue! As we all know and definitely thought about when we saw Jason Segel headed toward the piano during the monologue, I do not like when hosts sing and play piano during their SNL monologues. I am also pretty sick of the muppets at this point. With those two things being said, though, I guess this was cute enough. I’m sure AMERICA loved it. Hahah. General dissatisfied angst is what everyone looks for when they read a review of something, correct? Check!

I liked the Regis auditions sketch. It was the first of MANY very long one-note sketches, but I do have a soft spot (formed by the screentest sketches) for sketches that are only for the purpose of everyone doing a million impressions. Though, these impressions were not very good? I mean, they were fine. But I wasn’t BLOWN AWAY by anybody except for Ricky Gervais, who was perfect. (Also Garrison Keillor.) (Also Zooey Deschanel.) (Also Kathie Lee.)

The “Kemper Pedic Bed” commercial was pretty funny!

Weekend Update had a few good moments, the first being “REALLY?!!?” with Seth and Kermit:

Aww, KERMIT! I enjoyed it, even with the Muppets overload I’m experiencing currently. And the second mentionable Weekend Update moment is, of course, the REAL LIFE Jon Huntsman with a bunch of jokes about loving New Hampshire!

Thank you, Mr. President!

I didn’t like the digital short this week, though it was certainly a lot better than last week’s. That is why I’m including it. Wasn’t it better than last week’s?!

I really do not like Vogelchecks sketches BUT I guess they are going to be with us forever, and also this one included Paul Rudd, so HERE IT IS! Hi, Paul Rudd! I love you, Paul Rudd!

I have no idea WHAT was going on with this “Blue Jean Committee” sketch. To be honest, I tuned out halfway through. So maybe it got super funny at the end, but only in a way that made sense if you were REALLY paying attention? Was that it? Hello?

And, finally, “Andre The Giant Picks An Ice Cream Flavor.” Short. Simple. Very good. Thank you and goodnight.

Florence and the Machine performed and had the same problems they had last time they performed on SNL: Not being able to sound great. Oh well! Better next time, Florence!