This Week In GIFs

Holy moly, I thought Brett Ratner week was a bad week, but THIS WEEK? Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes? Community is probably being cancelled? Ryan Gosling is NOT the sexiest man alive? And I’m sure some non entertainment industry bad stuff happened too? IS THE WORLD EVEN HERE ANYMORE?!?! Thank science it’s Friday. At least we can go to bed for the whole weekend and not have to deal with any of it. (Or we can just have a lovely time and enjoy our last few days of fall before winter comes and destroys our lives even more! Ahhh! I thought this parenthetical was going to be calm and nice but it turns out I can’t even write a relaxed parenthetical!) Anyway, the good thing about this week is that there are a bunch of GIFs of Ryan Gosling without a shirt on. Soooo, enjoy them! Goodnight!

Emma Stone hosted Saturday Night Live!

Brad Pitt lied about wanting to retire from acting in three years!

Liam Neeson peed his pants!

Matthew Weiner talked about how he plans to end Mad Men for some reason!

The Titanic 3D poster was made perfecter!

Katie Holmes was revealed to be the meantest person on the planet!

Community isn’t doing so well!

Bradley Cooper was said to be the sexiest man alive!

Gabe wrote some fan fiction about how ugly Ryan Gosling is!


George Clooney would be a terrible father!

We saw the most satisfying house of cards video ever!

And finally, Thursday night TV happened!