The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Brokencyde

They say that the only reliable thing in this world is change. That can be very disconcerting or very wonderful, depending on your attitude towards change. On the one hand, change can be very difficult (oh man, I can already tell that this blog post is going to be a work of GENIUS, filled with incredible INSIGHT!) and painful, or at the very least scary. It’s different! On the other hand, it can be very exciting. Who knows what will happen next?! If nothing else, embracing the world’s entropic movement towards constant change is very liberating because that means you’re not failing somehow if you can’t hold it together or keep things the way you want them. No one can. Hush now. The point is, everything is constantly moving and shifting and evolving and collapsing and destroying and rebuilding and there’s nothing to hold onto, for better or for worse. Well, almost nothing. There’s still BROKENCYDE! Those guys will never not be the fucking absolute worst. New Brokencyde video after the jump, not that you can tell the difference. Might as well be an old Brokencyde video!

Still the king, indeed. The king forever, boys. (Thanks for the tip, @scottgum.)