They Can Turn Your Nightmares Into Videos Now?

I don’t know about you, but I just cannot keep up with technology these days. One day you’re trying to make sense of why your Kindle isn’t charging anymore and then you realize it’s because your Kindle charger is broken, and the next day you boot up your computer to find a video of your EXACT nightmare, on a website for the whole world to see. It’s the nightmare — you may know it — where you’re trapped in a basement somewhere by yourself and you see a robot snake, and your first thought is — “Huh, that’s just a small robot snake, nothing TOO much to be afraid of, though certainly kind of scary already.” But then your dream camera reveals in the distance a man mounted atop a terrifying robot spider, and you notice that either that man is very small or that snake is VERY LARGE!!! And then you realize that the tap-tap-tapping noise you’ve been hearing in the background is actually the tap-tap-tapping of a million tiny robot spider feet, now moving more quickly while being chased by what you’re now sure to be a giant snake robot. And you’re left there immobilized, watching the whole scene play out in front of you, unable to either help nor escape. You know that one? Here, refresh your memory:

Wow, nightmares flawlessly recreated on video. What will they think of next? Kindle chargers that DON’T break? (Via Neatorama.)