Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Last night, Dan Harmon tweeted, “AND, tonight, celebrate Community’s unschedulization with the least accessible, least marketable episode in its alienating history!” Which is a very Dan Harmon-y thing to say, but also SO RIGHT! If you weren’t already completely on board with Community (and Hearts of Darkness), I’m not even sure that you would have been able to make sense of this dark, Luiz Guzman filled, meta-documentary nod to the FIRST weird documentary episode episode. With that said, though — I loved it so much! Ahhh! It was absolutely very, very good in all the ways that Community can be very, very good — silly in a dark and honest way, full of inside jokes, and then even more full of SUPER inside jokes, most of which I never catch, with a genuine-seeming hug at the end. (I won’t say that the reasons I like Community are kind of the same reasons why I think Videogum is the best website on the Internet, but I won’t not!) It’s unfortunate, though, that it is so clearly a show that doesn’t have a place on NBC. While it’s true that it is densely packed with easy-to-laugh-at jokes, all of those jokes are wrapped in a very thick layer of complicated weirdness that seems to be kind of impenetrable. Not that I don’t think Community should keep trying! Please keep trying. ANYWAY, great episode. Jeff did a great Dean impression. A+. Parks and Recreation was also very good! Not even just because of the Ben and Leslie kiss! (WHICH, OMG!) I loved the Andy, April, and Ron college plot line — it was both very funny (“Crap I forgot my books and computer.”) and very sweet, with Ron giving Andy the money to enroll. The Tom and Jerry plot line was great too, AND THE RACIST WOMAN? Don’t even get me started on how good the racist woman was. I feel like I can’t really talk about this episode, the Community episode, and the It’s Always Sunny episode without just going through every single moment and talking about how much I liked it, and I cannot do that. Anyway, It’s Always Sunny was great too! Finally, an explanation for Fat Mac! And the dumbest explanation ever, that he needed to match his muscle-y avatar! Maybe it was the reemergence of Skinny Mac, but this episode felt more like a “classic” episode than any of the others have this season. The Frank/Charlie scenes also added to that — seeing them in bed together again, Charlie going into the crevice, Frank hitting him with a stick. Ugh. IT WAS SO GOOD! These three episodes were all way too good for one night. I wish I had something to complain about. I didn’t watch The Office, was The Office bad? Guys? What did you think?