That’s NOT Your Protest: The Ryan Gosling People Magazine Protest

It’s true that you’ve done some questionable things in the past. You wouldn’t even chalk all of them up to learning experiences — some of them are just clear, regrettable mistakes that you can’t seem to stop making. Each time is never the last, contrary to promises you’ve made to yourself and others, proving over and over that you have learned nothing. Everyone makes mistakes, yes, but at some point you have to slow down and honestly assess what you’re doing, and how frequently you’re making these mistakes, and what is going on in your life that’s leading you to make them with such reckless abandon. Suffice to say, you have some things to work on. With that said, though, standing in the rain outside of People Magazine’s NYC office on a Thursday afternoon, wearing a Ryan Gosling mask, protesting the fact that his Hollywood team didn’t lobby hard enough to get him to be named “Sexiest Man Alive” for the year 2011, while another, slightly different protest is happening in embarrassingly close proximity — That is just absolutely not something you’d could ever see yourself doing. Are we fucking serious? No way, Jose. NOT your protest. Full-size photo of what you are definitely not doing after the jump.

No, not even on your most whimsical, biggest Ryan Gosling loving day when you had nothing to do and it wasn’t raining and there WASN’T some other two-month anniversary big protest happening in the same city and many other cities around the country — this is certainly not your protest. (And this is definitely not your Facebook group about it.) (Thanks for the tip, heimaey.)