The Prophecy Was True! Pure Evil Unleashed Upon Us All!

Long has the prophecy held that a day would come when a new form of evil was birthed unto the world, and that this awful creature would bring about the end of times. I’m not speaking of a biblical devil. That remains the whimsical fancy of simple minded charlatans and the unformed children who follow their lessons. There is no morality in this. There is no punishment for wickedness, for all will be punished, and the righteous will not be spared. This is evil for evil’s sake. A terrible, dark cloud of unchecked horror spread wide across the globe. Flesh torn from bones. Flames erupting from cracked skulls. A blotted out sun, and the permanent night that will haunt those who are not engulfed in the first wave until they succumb in the second wave. Or the third. No one will survive all three. We are doomed, but this we’ve known all along. There was no preventing it. Nothing could ever have changed, it was written from the very beginning of time. We know this now. If that provides you with some comfort, then you are one of the lucky ones. For the rest of us, there is no comfort. All will suffer. None will survive. Pure evil is here.

May Ricky Gervais have mercy on our souls. (Via reddit.)