Little Girl Makes Bird Noises And Is Forced To Be Cool

Remember when you were a little girl and you had a weird talent that your parents would force you to perform any time there were lots of people gathered around? We all had it, I’m sure. Surely it’s not the case that only SOME children had parents who would force them to perform their weird talent in front of groups of people at every get-together, even though you could tell even the groups of people were growing very tired of it? My thing was singing the Ren & Stimpy theme song. Hahahahaaaaaaaa. Hahah. I haven’t thought about this in a long time, please excuse me. It wasn’t actually a talent, obviously, it was just that I’d imitate the guitar from the theme song to Ren & Stimpy and my parents would make me do it in front of crowds of relatives. How embarrassing! I cannot believe I was forced to do that. That is is way more embarrassing than this video, which is actually not embarrassing at all and just very cute and most importantly cool. It’s basically everything my thing was not. UGH. Actually, I hate this little girl? Turns out I hate her. Too cute, too cool, and seriously way too stylish. BOOOOO. You can hear her warming up her bird chirps at the beginning of the video, but the best part starts 1:40 in. Let’s watch it, I GUESS.

Great job you adorable, inherently musical baby. But let me ask you this: Can you give us your best rendition of the Ren & Stimpy theme song? No? You don’t know what that is? Because you’re a child and children SHOULDN’T? Also you’re foreign? Also you’re too cute for it? Whatever. I’ll take that as a failure. YOU FAIL! (Thanks for the tip, Clif!)