That’s Your Boyfriend: Veterans Day Imposter Thumbhead

“A lot of people get really fixated on their successes in life and don’t realize that the failures are just as important. Y’know? It’s actually by failing that you really start to learn things about yourself and the world we live in, and that’s just as constructive and meaningful as something working out perfectly. Probably more so, even. Take love and relationships, for example. You can’t know what you want, or even start to imagine getting it, without having failed with other people. It’s only by breaking your heart that you can really learn how to use it properly. That’s how I look at it anyway. If things had worked out better with Tony or Joe or Anthony, then I never would have met my current boyfriend, who I love so much and who means the whole world to me. So in a lot of ways it was those failures that allowed me to succeed. Without them I never would have known that the very best person for me was some disgusting, piece of shit thumbhead who dresses up in a homemade military costume on Veterans Day and exploits people’s genuine respect and appreciation for someone in uniform in order to get free stuff and then goes home and proudly vlogs about it in his nightmarish hissing snake voice. Live and learn, guys. Live and learn and love.”

- You

I have to hand it to you, you’ve dated a lot of duds in the past, but this one might be the worst yet! (Via ViralVideos.)