New Flotation Toy Warning – “Happy 13″ And “Fire Engine On Fire Pt. II”

Flotation Toy Warning album coverDigging around for more about The Clientelle, I ended up checking out the web page for their UK label, Pointy Records, and some of the other bands they’ve got right now. The one that jumps out is Flotation Toy Warning, for the almost parodic wacky band name and for the way their singer sounds a lot like Wayne Coyne. In fact, “Flotation Toy Warning” is the sort of name the Flaming Lips would perform under if they wanted to be the first band on stage at, like, 7.

That being said, Bluffer’s Guide to the Flight Deck might be the perfect album for kicking around on weekends in the indian summer. Easy grooves, a little mournful, but still poppy enough for fun- check it out.

Flotation Toy Warning – “Happy 13″ (MP3 Link Expired)

(If I was reviewing this for Blender, I’d say it was the Beta Band writing a Wilco song.)

Flotation Toy Warning – “Fire Engine On Fire Pt. II” (MP3 Link Expired)