It Is Time To Celebrate The Fact That It Is Wednesday And That We Are Still Alive

This song reminds me of my junior high school’s Jazz Band. Now, I don’t know about where you went to junior high school, but where I went to junior high school, the Jazz Band kids were doing GREAT. Oh man, in their stupid fucking suspenders and their white on white neckties and they probably had pork pie hats although I might be making up the pork pie hats but for the sake of this memory let’s say they were wearing pork pie hats. And as someone who was having a very hard time in junior high school it was baffling to look at these CREATURES who should, by all accounts (or at the very least by the account of the way in which they were dressed) be having an even harder time seemed to be living the life. Talking about it now, it still makes no sense, and I’m sure that I am remembering at least some of it wrong, but I promise you that the Jazz Band kids were relatively successful socially. Even if it was just some kind of Malcolm Gladwellian Tipping Point where just enough people decided that the Jazz Band was somehow not to be mocked and humiliated that the rest of the children believed it, the Jazz Band was actually of a certain status in a world where status is everything (as if there is any other kind of world.) Well, guess what Jazz Band kids. We survived your stupid rein, and we are going to survive this stupid week. And we are going to dance AT YOUR GODDAMNED FUNERAL. (Video via HaveYouSeenThis.)