Community’s Mid-Season Hold OR: Occupy Wall Street Evacuated

Late yesterday afternoon, I posted a link on Twitter to this story about Hollywood making a movie about Legos, and a reader responded that to talk about anything other than Community at that moment was “uncivilized.” “Let me guess,” I wrote back, “canceled.” Within minutes, thousands of white Twitter users across the country but especially in New York and Los Angeles would see their Twitter feeds filled with an endless stream of outraged concern over the future of the Thursday night meta-sitcom. WAS IT CANCELED? And if it was canceled WHAT DID THAT SAY ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO LIKED THE SHOW?! Did anyone even CARE ABOUT THEM ANYMORE? People were so upset! Well, hush now people, because apparently, the show is not canceled. It is simply going on hiatus. According to the New York Times, “NBC vows [Community is not canceled and is promising the sit-com will be off the air for only a brief time.” (That placating reassurance has not stopped people from making a website called, obviously, and also a Facebook protest. Hey, speaking of protests…)

MEANWHILE, early this morning, the New York Police Department swept into Zucotti Park, birthplace of the Occupy movement, and removed any sign of the nearly two-month long protest, arresting 70 people in the process. The New York Times also tells that story (it really IS the paper of record):

By 1:45 a.m., dozens of officers moved through the park, some bearing plastic shields and wearing helmets. They removed tents and bedding materials, putting them on the sidewalk. Some protesters could be seen leaving the park with their belongings, but a core group of more than 100 hunkered down at the encampment’s kitchen area, linking arms, waving flags, and singing and chanting their refusal to leave the park.

About 2 a.m., police officers began using a vehicle equipped with a powerful speaker to issue their orders. City sanitation workers tossed protesters’ belongings into metal bins, while some protesters dug in at the center of the park by using heavy bicycle chains to bind themselves to park trees and to each other. Some donned gas masks and goggles.

But by 3 a.m., the police closed in on the remaining protesters and began arresting them.

Here are two sample reactions to the events of the past 12 hours:

Yikes! WHICH THING ARE YOU MORE UPSET ABOUT? The stupid thing that doesn’t matter and actually maybe this hiatus can act as a wake-up call to the fact that not everything has to be a meta-commentary on narrative structures and if nothing else this is a reminder to the Internet Boyz that it’s still not enough to survive in the entertainment world if the only people who like you are people who are very active on Tumblr, or are you more upset about the other thing that seems way more important and meaningful*? I have my guess of what you will say, but I’m going to keep it to myself for now because of surprises!

*It is worth noting that the conflation of these two events is entirely my own, and I am in no way suggesting that the actual makers of Community are themselves comparing their mid-term postponement to the Occupy Wall Street movement. I am pretty sure we all understand that one of them is a fun comedy product, and one of them is an historic mass protest against the inhumanity of capitalist greed. LOL.