Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Hey, so, the shows were good last night, right? That is the best way I could come up with to enter into this discussion so let’s just go with it, yay! After I watched Community I was so excited about it that I was ready to declare that it was my favorite episode of the season so far. In the sober light of morning, though, I’m not so sure. Mostly because I feel like I’m forgetting things? I’m not sure if that’s because the episode was not as memorable as I thought it would be or because my brain is basically a leaky ziplock bag. Anyway, Troy and Abed’s shadow puppet show for Annie was adorable. “Kiss From a Rose” is a great song and I appreciate it being used anywhere, in any form. It was certainly a very heart-warming episode, the kind of thing that I could easily see being too sweet for some viewers (and probably something that a lot of those viewers don’t like about Community overall). But. I like it! And I liked it. +It was funny. Great. Parks and Recreation was also very good, I thought. Thank GOD they let Ben and Leslie interact with each other without any LOOSE WOMEN around. Boooooo, other women! Leave Ben alooooooneeeee! It was nice that they allowed April to act more like a human and less like April in this episode. Did the Grand Canyon change her for good?! Probably not! But! It was nice in this episode! I feel like Ben and Leslie, to get back to talking about them again because COME ON, are the new “Jim and Pam” and instead of a stupid husband keeping them apart it’s a stupid campaign. RIGHT? This is why I’m a Thursday Night TV Journalist — I connect the dots that no one else in the whole world could EVER connect. Speaking of connecting the dots, THE OFFICE! The Office was fine. I enjoyed it, especially the beginning about Andy’s mom dying, and the fact that Ryan had some funny lines. But, to be honest, I don’t care if Jim thinks a lady is objectively attractive and I EVEN MORE don’t care if he has high blood pressure. “Marriage!” We already have our new Jim and Pam, Jim and Pam! And they’re called Ben and Leslie! AND WE LOVE THEM! Also I hope you’re doing all right, Jim. You should take care of yourself. Sooo, what did you guys think of the shows?! Did you think they were good too????