Which Robot Would You Rather Hang Out With?

I’m not saying that you have to be best friends with either of these robots. Certainly you’d be free to take your relationship to that level if you really hit it off, and that would just be wonderful for both of you. New friends are great! You can never have enough of them. But for the sake of this discussion I’m just trying to say if you had to hang out with one of these robots in the context of maybe a small party with a few close friends, or maybe even something like you have to be in a group with them on a work retreat and you’ve always seen them around but you’ve never said anything to each other before, not that you’re avoiding each other, it’s just you’ve never had the opportunity — which robot would you pick? On the left we have a robot with a woman’s head who walks very slowly and doesn’t seem to do much else. On the right we have Honda’s new ASIMO model, which can walk faster and even pour you a drink, but is also somehow slightly creepier. Not that they aren’t both VERY creepy! They’re both super creepy. Soooooooooo, which one would you rather hang out with?! Let’s see them in action first.

Honda’s new ASIMO model:

Slow-Walking Robot:

Hmmmmm. They both seem delightful, so this is tough. I’d love to hang out with ASIMO because I feel like it’d be fun to jump around with, but the slow-walking robot just seems SUPER chill and sometimes it’s nice to hang out with people who know how to relax. Man. It’s a tough call! I guess I’m going to have to go with the chill robot. Meeting new people is difficult and I bet ASIMO would just be really intense about making friends, which would make me pretty uncomfortable. Chillbot would probably give you a good amount of space. But. WHICH WOULD WOULD YOU PICK?! Please take this seriously and give it a lot of thought, this is very important. (Via Neatorama and SayOMG.)