The Kaplans’ Full House Intro Recreation Video Will Win You Over

It’s easy to enter into the discussion about a video of a couple recreating Full House’s opening credits with cynicism. It’s almost the only thing you can do because, ugh, Full House nostalgia and more importantly, ugh, that couple. You can imagine them posting the video all over Facebook, Tumblr, AND Google+, even though they don’t even use Google+, and constantly doing recuts of it and posting the recuts, and it’s just like, ugh, friggen, Jesus Christ enough with the GD video of you recreating the Full House intro, you went to San Francisco like seven months ago, PLEASE STOP! But somehow this is different? First of all let’s take a look at the YouTube description:

Have Mercy! My husband and I had a “Full House” of fun in San Francisco, and were inspired to pay homage to the show we grew up with! You got it dude!

Hahahah, awww, I’m crying! HAVE MERCY! That is just the sweetest thing I’ve ever read all this morning. As if you need anything other than what looks like a completely sincere YouTube description, let’s take a look at the actual, semi-relaxed intro recreation itself:

At first I was like, “Uh, THAT’S NOT A GREAT INTRO RECREATION, YOU MISSED SO MANY PARTS” but then I realized that I was a nightmare monster who needed to take a brain erase pill and go to bed. So now I’m like, “This is great.” I love this couple, I hope they never get divorced. I’m going to make my future husband do probably like a million tv intro recreations and show them all at our wedding. Hahaha, ugh, I just laughed OUT LOUD at that idea! Maybe I need to take another brain erase pill. These are the ones that I’m going to make him do:

I won’t waste everyone’s time, but there will be at least fifteen more. Marriage seems great, I don’t know why everyone is getting divorced! (Via PopCultureBrain.)