Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Upon hearing of Brett Ratnor’s resignation, Eddie Murphy dropped out of hosing the Oscars. Oh, GREAT. Now they’ll just have to be cancelled. Right? Once a host and producer drop out they have to cancel the whole show and wait for next year? Very sad news! R.I.P. Oscars. -NYT
  • Michael Moore debated a puppy on last night’s Late Night. Did the puppy finally get him to admit that he is indeed part of the 1%? Watch to find out! (No.) (Still watch!) (It is cute.) -GotchaMedia
  • Also included in the George Clooney Rolling Stone fart story is that George Clooney had his first orgasm when he climbed a rope? Who is in charge of this cover story?! Wageorge Waclooney? (Evil George Clooney.) -TheSuperficial
  • Seth Meyers was on the Colbert Report last night and was as charming as ever. -Splitsider
  • In an interview with DigitalSpy, Dan Harmon said that he sometimes purposely puts Alison Brie into GIFable situations on Community. Ugh, MEN! Right ladies? They are just the worst. Also WarmingGlow put together a collection of Alison Brie GIFs and maybe let’s all just look at them for like one sec each. -WarmingGlow
  • Ugh, I love Emma Stone! Watch her SNL promos. -Celebuzz
  • Tyler Perry fans are threatening to boycott his new movie The Marriage Councilor if he keeps Kim Kardashian in it. Do they not know that this is how he makes his living and he needs their money to survive, what are they doing?! -FilmDrunk
  • This is your haircut. -TheDailyWhat
  • Robert Pattinson was on Letterman last night. Wanna watch it? Nobody is going to judge you. They probably won’t even see. -JustJared