The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I don’t know about you guys, but I have been feeling particularly good this week. I think it could be due to two things, the first being that it is no longer very dark in the morning, and the second being that I am no longer sick like I have been for what feels like fourteen months. Are you guys feeling those very me-specific and pretty super boring things too? Haha, GREAT! If so, you’re going to feel VERY at home with this week’s cute and happy (or at least anthropomorphically happy, but really I mean, what are you going to do, they are animals and who knows what they’re ever feeling) animal videos. Like the smiling dog in the picture here. (Probably not really smiling, probably just the wind blowing its face back into a smile since it is on a boat, but please, RELAX!) It is just having the time of its life without a care in its big old stupid cute dog head! Awww. If only we could feel the same. So why not take a few minutes, relax, and enjoy the best animal videos of the past week. You’ll probably feel like you don’t even have ANY brain afterwards! And, really, what more can you ask for.

10. Cat Eats Pasta

9. Baby Covered In Puppies

8. Kitten In A Tissue Box

7. Driving Dog

6. Dog Stops Baby From Crying

5. Robin Williams And A Gorilla

4. French Bulldog + Horse = Love

3. Chill Smiling Dog On A Boat

2. Monkey Head Massage

1. Toddler And Lion Cub

CONGRATULATIONS, TODDLER AND LION CUB! Not like you need our praise. Your life is already the best life that I could ever even imagine. Your parents work at the zoo?! And that somehow means that you get to have a baby lion to play with, and that it is actually somehow GOOD for the lion, if I’m to believe this video? Jeeeeepers. Maybe you shouldn’t even be at number one. Share the wealth a little. But, ahhh, nope, too good! Too good of a video, you have to stay at number one. Sorry, little monkey head massage. Number two isn’t bad either! Especially considering that you aren’t doing anything other than having your head massaged. In fact, maybe don’t make us look too deeply into your case. Be grateful for what you have. Now, I understand that the Robin Williams with a gorilla video is a little bit weird, but I’d like to ask you all to keep an open mind here. Did you see when the gorilla put its arm around him? Too much. Tooooo much. And finally, congrats to the rest of you, as well. Especially to you, cat eating pasta. I bet you never thought this day would come, and yet, here it is! HOORAY ANIMAL VIDEOS!