New Commenters’ New Corner: Brett Ratner, Your Boyfriend, Stinks!

[It has often been said that the Videogum Commenting Community, while obviously wonderful, can be intimidating and off-putting to new commenters who might not get all of the inside jokes, or who may be nervous that the more entrenched readers will not value, respect, or have any interest in their opinions. Aww. Not true! However, this is a pro-active attempt to correct for that, as this post is for NEW commenters only. Welcome! Penny for your comments!]

Brett Ratner, your boyfriend of infinity years, has been on quite a tear lately. First, there was the time last week when he talked about how much he used to “bang” Olivia Munn and how that made her “bitter”. And then this week, in an interview about the upcoming Academy Awards show that he is producing, Brett Ratner, who is the Ennis Del Mar to your Jack Twist, said that “rehearsing is for fags.” Whoa! Naturally, Mr. Ratner (whom you love even if your friends and family disapprove because it’s your life and you’re going to live it) has apologized for both of these things, and naturally even the apologies are pretty incredible. About Olivia Munn, whom he refers to as a friend IN HIS APOLOGY ABOUT THE BANGING STUFF, says that she is “actually very talented.” Nice apology. Very heartfelt. In his apology about saying “rehearsal’s for fags,” which, just, holy moly, is it still 2011? Or did the world fall into Jerry O’Connell’s SLIDERS tunnel and who even knows what we can or can’t say on stage anymore? But in that apology Ratner (who is very talented, you think, once you get to know him) claimed that he should have known better because he is a “storyteller,” and therefore understands how powerful words can be. Let’s definitely not throw Brett Ratner into a garbage can. No way. Not yet. I mean, the election is still open, right? This guy can run? For President? Fingers crossed. Whaddaya think, Nate SIlver? (What do YOU think, new commenters? The floor is yours. USA! Characters welcome.)