Reporter Wears Grape Costume To Interview Student Suspended For Wearing Banana Costume

I wish this reporter was my dad. At the very least, I wish this reporter was my reporter. He asks the tough questions, and he knows that a real journalist can’t help but apply Heisenberg’s uncertainty principal if her or she attempts to get at the truth, but that’s not going to stop him from trying. As Sculder and Mully used to say, “It’s out there, man.” And if he winks at the audience along the way, as if to say Hey! You and me, we’re in the same big old boat we call LIFE, and isn’t it GRAND?! then so be it. What are they going to do, continue to overlook him for the Pulitzer? He’s lived a good life, and he knows exactly how much some dumb trinket of man’s false pride before God is going to be worth on the other side. So you can keep (and shove) your Peabodys, thank you very much. The facts will be reward enough. (Via ViralVideos.)