Realistic Photoshop Photo Creation Calls Everyone’s Existence Into Question

Last week’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was great episode for all of the normal reasons (yelling, shushing), but especially because of Dee & Mac’s Catfish plot line. The opportunity to talk about the movie Catfish from last year should NEVER be turned down. (In my opinion.) Did anyone see that movie? It was a “documentary” (“maybe”) (which is the most annoying thing) about a guy who entered into an online relationship with a girl, but then found out something CRAZY about her. Ugh. Don’t even get me started on that movie. I do think that most of the fault probably lies with the advertising campaign — KIND OF — which suggested that the big reveal was going to be such a shock, but then you found out the big reveal 20 minutes into the movie and it wasn’t shocking in the least (because it’s a movie about meeting a person on the internet and HELLO we all know how that ends), and then they just talked about what the reveal was for what felt like four hours after that. But even if you weren’t set up for a big shock it would’ve been just a movie (or “documentary,” who even cares) about a person spending a lot of time finding something out that nobody really cared to know the specifics of. Right? Did anyone see this movie? Do you all agree? HELLO? Anyway, that brings me to this video. A person turning a very simple drawing of a woman into a very realistic looking portrait of a woman. WHO KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE THIS SKILL? I’d venture to guess, having watched this video, that at least 70% of your Facebook friends are Catfish photoshop portraits of people who don’t even exist at all. What a terrifying world we live in.

That looks like a real person! A real person we’d all enter into AT LEAST an online friendship with. And who knows who could be behind that pretty, not real face. A convict? A relative? A ghost? The president? An even prettier girl? ANYONE! Be safe on the Internet, guys. It’s a very dangerous (and talented) place. (Via VVV.)