If You’re Going To Get Caught Dancing In The Kitchen, Make Sure You Are The World’s Best Dancer

There are few things more horrifying than the thought of someone watching you while you think you are alone. What a nightmare! And if you’re dancing while you think you are alone? Forget about it. Kill yourself. There watching you through a window, right? Well jump out of it. You’ve brought shame upon your family, so it’s time to make things right. We’re not wrong to be worried about this kind of thing. The human organism is basically a Humiliation Machine, and when we believe that we are safe and unseen and our natural guards come down, that is when the humiliation is produced at Overtime Levels. It’s already bad enough when we think people ARE watching, but when they’re not, oh brother, look out, it’s about to get DISGUSTING. Of course, for a lucky few of us, including the child in the video I have posted after the jump, when we are all alone and left to nothing but our own devices, it turns out OUR DEVICES ARE AWESOME. So if you are going to get caught dancing in the kitchen while doing the dishes by your father with a video camera (good father, btw) then make sure you are basically the best dancer in the world. Trust me. You’ll appreciate this advice I just gave you.

What does this dude look like when he’s trying to show off? A GOD? (Via TastefullyOffensive.)