Saturday Night Live: Charlie Day And Maroon 5

After a two-week hiatus, Saturday Night Live returned this weekend with host and best guy ever whom I love so much: CHARLIE DAY! What a great idea! I suspected that even if the sketches weren’t particularly great, the show would be buoyed by Charlie’s energy and a bias towards liking him that I (and I’m assuming everyone else in the whole world?) hold. And I wasn’t incorrect! While there certainly were a few stand-out sketches (the detective one, the Kardashian divorce one), the majority were only pretty good + Charlie Day, which made them “very enjoyable.” The only real critique I have (other than that on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Charlie’s last name is “Kelly,” which is exciting for me, and I wish that were his name in real life) is that the majority of the sketches (again, aside from the detective one) were pretty tame. There wasn’t really anything too weird or out there, and those tend to be the most memorable and enjoyable sketches. And I really feel like they could’ve taken advantage of Charlie Day to do that more often throughout the show. Oh well. Remember when Danny DeVito was there during the monologue? Let’s remember that together!

That was a wonderful surprise! Though, even though it was a bit, I wish Charlie hadn’t played piano. It’s just a very specific and odd personal pet peeve that I have, but I really don’t like it when people play piano during their SNL monologues. I just don’t like it! Something about it seeming desperate and half wannabe showboat-y but not even. Basically a very well thought-out and articulate reason. So, STOP! But I did really love Charlie’s “New York City as a baby” jokes. Very, very good.

I know this comes before the monologue, but the cold open was also pretty good this week:

Really just NAILED ‘EM. All of ‘em. The Kardashian wedding sketch was surprisingly very funny. I, and I’m assuming everyone, certainly suspected a Kardashian wedding sketch, but everyone nailing their Kardashian counterparts + Charlie Day really hit this one out of the ballpark. Slam dunk home run boom goes the dynamite.

The Dr. Oz sketch didn’t “NAIL IT” like the last two did, but it came pretty close. Poop.

The Greek Gods sketch was one of those that would’ve been a lot funnier with a good amount of editing. The beginning bit, before Charlie showed up, went on for about 3 times as long as necessary and that kind of ruined the ending bit for me. But! It wasn’t a bad idea and I liked it enough!

Bill Hader’s Rick Perry was perfect.

And, finally, THE DETECTIVE SKETCH! Oh my goodness. This was great. I don’t even really have anything else to say about it, let’s just watch it together right now and love it so much.

Yay! Great sketch. Also Maroon 5 performed and were THE WORST! Boom. Gotcha Maroon 5.

Next week: Emma Stone and Coldplay!