Don’t Get Eaten By A Surprise Whale This Weekend

I know we all tend to let a little too loose on the weekends. Who could blame us? Life is an endless horrible string of stressful events, sometimes you just have to LET GO. There’s nothing wrong with it. Sometimes you just have to grab your board and get in the water, and sometimes you just have to paddle way out, way further out than you’ve gone before. It feels great for a few moments, just relaxing on the water next to some of your friends who are in a boat and some of your other friends who are in another boat and are filming you. So quiet. So peaceful. “Could life get any better than this?” you think to yourself. You feel relaxed and grateful, recharging for what is surely going to be another stressful week at the office. And then you feel it — something’s off balance. Something’s approaching. What could it be? Another surfer? Another boat, maybe? A big bird? A stupid gross fish? And then out of the corner of your eye you see it — AHH! A HUGE WHALE THAT WOULD HAVE THROWN YOU UP IN THE AIR AND PROBABLY EATEN IF YOU HAD BEEN JUST A LITTLE TO YOUR RIGHT!

So let this be a lesson to you. If you’re going to go surfing this weekend, please, watch out for whales. They’re absolutely so big and apparently very sneaky, plus they attract a LOT of noisy, annoying seagulls. Stay safe. (Via StuffIStole.)