This Week In GIFs

TGIF! TGIF! TGIF! One difficult thing I’m running into lately with this GIF post is that it seems like nobody on the internet is making and posting weekly Walking Dead GIFs? WHAT’S UP, INTERNET? Do your job! What is wrong with you? When Breaking Bad was on there were Breaking Bad GIFs every week! There were also True Blood GIFs every week when the was on! But the Walking Dead GIFs are very hard to come by. So for those of you who were coming here specifically for Walking Dead GIFs, I have some bad news for you. (There aren’t any.) (I’m sorry!) But there ARE lots of other GIFs. Like there are a lot of great ScarJo GIFs, for instance. And some scary clown GIFs! AHH! Everyone’s favorite, scary clowns! So how about we just enjoy what we have, huh? Why not. Let’s get to it.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are DEFINITELY accidentally married for real in real life!!!!

Scarlett Johansson made us SUPER jealous for the last time!

Beetlejuice was sad!

Portland’s clown costume man was the worst!

James Franco is becoming a parody of something but it’s hard to say what!

There is going to be a 3D Popeye reboot, HOORAY!

Gabe had a fake interview with Andy Serkis!

Jennifer Lopez IS Carmen Sandiego!

Siri and Furby are in love!

Thursday TV happened!