Basically Everything About Last Night’s Episode Of Conan

There’s not a lot to say about this, other than it’s all pretty great, but last night’s episode of Conan, capping off his week in New York, featured Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visiting Occupy Wall Street in what might be his best segment since the Star Wars line, an interview with Louis C.K., and then Conan officiated the first televised gay marriage between one of his staff members and his partner (Scott Cronick and David Gorshein). So, let’s just watch all of these clips because we make smart choices in our lives. First, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits Occupy Wall Street:


Up next, an interview with Louis C.K.:

Again, perfect.

And finally, Conan officiates the marriage of Scott Cronick and David Gorshein:

Oh man. It’s television like this that psychically pays for all the other television we watch. It’s an emotional and laughter loss leader, or something. Look, I’m not a businessman. It’s just nice stuff to watch! What, you’re going to complain about that now? There is literally no pleasing you. (Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart also appeared on last night’s episode, which you can watch here, but I didn’t include it because I don’t really like it when those two go ham it up on other people’s shows. They are very funny and their shows are very good, but for some reason their guest spots always strike me as overly self-indulgent and lite on laffs. That’s just my opinion, but also this is just my blog. Work it out. You’ll be fine! SERIOUSLY, WHY CAN’T YOU BE HAPPY?!)

Good show, Conan O’Brien! Thank you for it!